How It Works

How It Works

Unihub offers 5 services: (all are FREE to student users)

I. 2nd-hand marketplace
II. Accommodation page
III. Jobs page
IV. Events page
V. Offers page

We act essentially as a broker between students and businesses in the relevant local areas bringing students and businesses together in the 5 service areas. WE ARE NOT INVOLVED IN THE ACTUAL TRANSACTION, THIS IS THE SELLER'S AND BUYER'S RESPONSIBILITY. 

For Student Users

I. Register as a student user

For Business Users

II. Register as a business user

Marketplace: (Completely free)

III. List item with picture and contact details
IV. Potential buyers will contact you
V. Payment and delivery handled between you and potential client - Unihub plays NO role in this - see terms and conditions

 We STRONGLY recommend that you post a picture when uploading an item.

Accommodation page: (only business users pay)

VI. Real estate agents list houses on the page with contact details (Real estate agents charged/house listing or via long-term contract - contact unihub at in order to discuss a long-term contract). Users requiring a house or room post on page

At this stage as a student user you may also post if you wish to rent out a room/find another roommate.

VII. You contact real estate agent or those seeking a house or room
VIII. All payment and delivery handled between users (business and student) with no interaction from Unihub

Jobs page: (entirely free)

IX. Business users post jobs (temporary or part-time) on the page with contact details
X. You (student user) contact the company offering the job if interested
XI. All subsequent dealings between you and the business user do not involve Unihub

Offers and Events page: (only business users pay)

XII. Business users post student offers (for example discounts on takeaway food) and events (for example nightclub events) on the page
XIII. Student users view the page and promotional code offers and then attend the event or use the offer

Banner Advertising:

If you wish to advertise with Unihub please contact us at



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